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Updated on 6th March 2024


The Journey: A word from Our Resident Holistic Health Practitioner Dr. Fabian Burnett

I grew up as a very sickly child. My challenge was asthma, and this disease would take me to the hospital on many occasions. I am sure my mother never thought I would make it past the age of 16 given the severity of the asthmatic attacks I would have to endure. However, as I write, I am heading towards the age of 50, having survived the onslaught that was a common feature of my childhood.

The one positive to come from my early childhood experiences with hospitalisation is that I was conscious of the need to be healthy, from an early age. This consciousness propelled me to seek vocational qualifications in the health and wellness sphere. My studies would reach a pinnacle when I earned a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona.

Indeed, before enrolling at the University of Sedona, I  pursued academic studies in History and Sustainable Development, at the University of the West Indies and the University of London respectively. I say all of this just to give you the reader, a glimpse into my journey. I am well placed to give any interested individual, sound consultation within the realm and Health and Wellness. I have partnered with Total Holistic Dating and I intend to bring value to this fine dating platform.

Authored by Dr. Fabian Burnett



Quick Tips and Musings
by Dr. Fabian Burnett
Is an alternative approach better than an allopathic approach?
The Alternative Approach to health care is not a rejection of allopathic medicine. Allopathic and mainstream approaches to health-care are phenomenal when it comes to addressing emergency situations.
For example, you find yourself being injured in an accident. There is blood gushing from a wound you have on your leg. In such a scenario, I wouldn't recommend that you take a bottle of cayenne pepper and throw it on the cut. Not at all! A case such as this requires an allopathic approach. 
However, when treating chronic disease and life-style illnesses, an alternative approach is what takes you to that place where you can overcome your health challenge and live a normal life free from excessive prescription medication use. Your kidneys will thank you as you get older.
Is online dating stressful? 
It can be if not pursued in the right way. That is why I'm here to help. Just message me.
Our Holistic Health Advice Channels
It is truly an honour to be able to give my services to this amazing platform known as Total Holistic Chats and Matches. In my view, there is no other platform like it online, at the moment. Is there another platform that allows you to receive free holistic/alternative health advice from a qualified practitioner, and also allows you to connect with like-minded prospective partners? If so, send me a message with the respective URL of such a platform.
These are the facts. Total Holistic Chats and Matches allows you to contact yours truly, via the message feature, so you can ask any questions concerning any health and wellness issues you may have. My intention is not to provide a cure for your ailment in the same way an allopathic practitioner would. What I do is provide advice from an alternative health perspective to get you moving in the right direction.
I do not charge for this health chat online. Of course, if you no longer have access to the free chat credits you received in your account after registering, you would need to purchase credits to send messages to me or any other member once you have an active membership. 
In addition to providing the user with access to receive a free consultation from a qualified practitioner, Total Holistic Chats and Matches has supportive chat rooms that are free to use. The four free chat rooms that are currently installed are 1. The Mental Health Chat Room, 2. The Marriage Counselling Chat Room, 3. The Weight Loss Chat Room, and 4. The Romance Chat Room. As time goes on, more chat rooms will be installed to cover various aspects of the human condition.
To access these free supportive chat rooms, simply click the Chat Rooms tab that is located on your left-hand side menu. Unfortunately, this menu can only be seen when you access Total Holistic Chats and Matches via desktop.
Authored by Dr. Fabian Burnett