About us

Total Holistic is a platform dedicated to bringing health and wellness enthusiasts together within the confines of a safe online environment. Even though our focus is to bring health and wellness enthusiasts together, we welcome all and sundry to our platform.


We intend to provide an environment where individuals can share ideas, learn from each other, and heighten their awareness of all matters related to the human condition. Our certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Consultant Dr. Fabian Burnett, has also partnered with us to field any questions, concerns, or queries any of our members may have related to health and wellness matters. 


Don't be afraid to send him a message. His profile moniker is Fabian and his location is Switzerland. If you have problems locating him just email us at totalholisticonline@gmail.com and we will get him to message you instead. 

Thanks for being a part of the http://total-holistic.com 

How to Contact Us

The fastest way to get a response from us is to send an email to totalholisticonline@gmail.com

You can also text us at +1772-618-1393 but this may lead to a delayed response.